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Coagulation Reagents


CategoryProduct CodeProduct DescriptionPack Size
Prothrombin Time
PT120469Innovin10 x 4 ml
PT120470Innovin10 x 10 ml
PT120506Thromborel S10 x 4 ml
Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time
APTT120471Actin10 x 2 ml
APTT120472Actin FS10 x 2 ml
APTT120473Actin FSL10 x 2 ml
APTT120419Actin FSL( 4219-2)10 X 10 ml
CaCl2120497Calcium Chloride 25 mM10 x15 ml
APTT120498Pathrombtin SL10 x 5 ml
  Fibrinogen Assay 
FBG120474Fibrinogen Determination Kit6 x 1 ml
FBG120475Thrombin Reagent10 x 1 ml
  Thromboplastin Time 
TT120477Test Thrombin Reagent 30 NIH10 x 5 ml
Factor Assays - Extrinsic
FII120478Factor II Deficient Plasma3 x 1 ml
FVII120453Factor VII Deficient Plasma3 x 1 ml
FX120454Factor X Deficient Plasma3 x 1 ml
FV120480Factor V Deficient Plasma8 x 1 ml
Factor Assays - Intrinsic
FVIII120481Factor VIII Deficient Plasma8 x 1 ml
FIX120479Factor IX Deficient Plasma8 x 1 ml
FXI120455Factor XI Deficient Plasma3 x 1 ml
FXII120456Factor XII Deficient Plasma3 x 1 ml
Thrombhophillic Profile
PC120495Protein C Clotting Assay1 x 3 ml
PS Ac120504Protein S Activated6 x 1 ml
PCG120488Pro C Global4 x 2 ml
LA1120493Lupus Anticoagulant LA 110 x 2 ml
LA2120494Lupus Anticoagulant LA 210 x 1 ml
CHROMOGENIC ASSAYS For CA 500 Series, CA 1500 and    CS 2000i
  at 405 nm 
BCPC120487Berichrom Protein    C4 x 5 ml
BCATIII120499Berichrom Antithrombin    III6 x 5 ml
BCH120440Berichrom Heparin3 x 10 ml
BCPLG120442Berichrom Plasminogen3 x 5 ml
BCPAI Berichrom Plasminogen    Activator Inhibitor ( OWOA 15)1 x 2 ml
BCA2AP120897Berichrom Alpha    2 Antiplasmin3 x 5 ml
BCVWF120898Berichrom Von    Willebrand5 x 4 ml
  at 340 nm For CS 2000i only 
FXIII120439Factor XIII Chromogenic Deficient    Plasma3 x 5 ml
IMMUNOGENIC ASSAYS For CA 550/ 560 , CA 1500 and    CS 2000i
DDi120894INNOVANCE Quantitative    D Dimer with Calibrator3 x 4 ml
DDi N+P120895INNOVANCE D    Dimer Controls N + P2 x 5 x 1 ml
VW Ag120900Von Willebrand Antigen ( latex    Test)4 x 2 ml
C1120482Ci - Trol 1 E10 x 1 ml
C2120483Ci - Trol 2 E10 x 1 ml
C3120484Ci - Trol 3 E10 x 1 ml
CPN120508Control Plasma N10 x 1 ml
CPP120507Control Plasma P*10 x 1 ml
  * not to be used for PT and APTT 
LA C120448LA Control High6 x 1 ml
SHP120896Standard Human Plasma10 x 1 ml
PT-M120450PT-Multicalibrator (OPAT03)6 x 1 ml
OVB120492Owrens Veronal Buffer10 x 15 ml
 120489Data F1 Dimertest Latex Slide    Test60 T
 120496Von Willebrand Reagent Slide Test5 x 2 ml
  Clean Solutions For CA and CS    Systems 
 120459CA CLEAN I50 ml
 120466CA CLEAN II for Innovin and D    Dimer500 ml
 120458Reaction Tubes SU 403000 Nos
 120463Reagent Cup Conical 4 ml 500 Nos
 120901Sample Plate SAP 400A for CA 15005 Nos
 120891Sample Plate SAP 400A for CA 150050 Nos
 120850Reaction Cuvette SUC 400A for CS    2000i3000 Nos
 120899Stirrer Bar Cuvettes for CS 2000i144 Nos/pack
Paper Rolls
 120682CA 50/CA 500 Series Paper Roll- 3    x 57 mm x 15 M3 Nos/ Pack
Other Consumables
 120461Reagent Holder No. 89 for CA    Series1 Nos
 120906SBC Set Tool (06341515) for CS    2000i1 Nos
 120907Reagent cap L ( AH 759521) for CS    2000i100 Nos
 120908Reagent cap S ( CD 4666467) for    CS 2000i200 Nos
 120909Cap No 527 (564291) for CS 2000i10 Nos
 120910Cap No. 528 (CC 907148)  for    CS 2000i10 Nos

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